by W Scott ex -630 Squadron

No. 630 Squadron was formed on 15th November 1943, at East  Kirkby (codename Silksheen), near Spilsby, Lincolnshire , and remained based there throughout its existence. Equipped with Lancasters , it formed part of No. 5 Group and between 18/19th November 1943 and 25th April 1945, took part in many major raids, including each of the 16 big raids made by Bomber Command on the German capital during what became known as the "Battle of Berlin".


I lie here, still, beside the hill  
Abandoned long to Nature’s will.  
My buildings down.  My people gone.  
My only bounds, the wild bird’s song.  

But my mighty birds will rise no more.  
No more I hear the Merlins roar.  
And never now my bosom feels  
The pounding of their giant wheels.  

From the ageless hill their voices cast  
Thunderous echoes of the past.  
And still in lonely reverie  
Their great dark wings sweep down on me.  

Laughter, sorrow, hope and pain, 
I shall never know these things again.  
Emotions that I came to know  
Of strange young men so long ago.  

Who knows as evening shadows meet
Are they with me still, a phantom fleet?  
And do my ghosts still stride unseen  
Across my face so wide and green?  

And in the future should structures tall  
Bury me beyond recall  
I shall still remember them,  
My metal birds, and long-dead men.  

Now weeds grow high, obscure the sky.  
O remember me when you pass by.  
For beneath this tangled, leafy screen  

                                                              I was your home, your friend “Silksheen”.

The poem contributed by Freda Carnell


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